Johnsburg Illinois BP Maverick Car Wash Bait And Switch Scam

While driving through Johnsburg, IL today i stopped at a BP gas station that had a “Maverick Car Wash” sign. I pulled up to the pump and chose “Yes” when asked if i wanted a car wash. After filling up i drive around the back side of the gas station looking for the car wash but cant find it. I circle the building again and park. I walk inside and ask…

Me: Where is the car wash?
Attendant 1: It’s over in Mchenry, IL. a couple miles away. You just have to drive right down this road and…

…I stopped him right there…

Me: Please give me a refund for the car wash. I assumed it was on site.
Attendant 1: It says it right on the pump that the car wash is somewhere else. I am not authorized to give you a refund.
Me: The big sign when i drove in didn’t warn me. The monitor that asked me if i wanted a car wash didn’t tell me that i would have to drive a few blocks for the car wash. Contact someone who can authorize the refund or give me the $5.99 back in merchandise.
Attendant 1: There is nothing i can do. You can try coming back when the manager is here.
Me: Look man this is ridiculous. It’s $6! I am not being unreasonable about this. As an Illinois consumer i have a right to a refund whether the car wash was on site or off site and someone has to give it to me. The police have more important things to deal with than this but i will call them if i have to. I’m not leaving without my refund.
Attendant 1: Picks up phone and walks in back to make a call or pretend to make a call…

…I start googling the non emergency number for Johnsburg Police…

Attendant 1: Here you go.

…Attendant 1 hands me $6 and i start to walk out thinking the matter is settled when…

Attendant 2: You can try taking it up with corporate. (aka get lost, we aren’t going to help you)

…He said that before he knew the other attendant gave me a refund. I am glad he did. It motivated me to walk back in and get my receipt so that i could take the matter up with corporate and write this whiney blog post. Thanks Attendant 2!…

I took photos of the big “Maverick Car Wash” sign that got me to pull in. Is it crazy for someone to assume that the car wash is on site after seeing this sign?

Then i took a photo of the pump where i am supposedly warned that the car wash will be at a different location. Does anything jump out at you here that says the car wash is not on site?

It wasn’t until i got home and blew the photo up on a 27″ monitor that i spotted the 3″ “Pay here wash there” warning that blends in with the “Regular” wash info. Its in yellow to help it blend in with the previous red and green columns. Keep in mind that this sign is like a foot above my head and 2 feet from the screen where i was asked and agreed to getting a car wash.

So yes there is a warning but obviously its barely there…most likely to constantly trick people into buying a car wash that exists at a different location.

I googled “Johnsburg BP Maverick Car Wash” because i knew i would find the same complaint from others and i did. For anyone listening…this is the dumbest bait and switch marketing scam i have ever heard of. Every single customer who drives in there and agrees to a car wash…is going to be pissed off about this. If you aren’t going to warn people with a series of larger signs you should at least authorize employees to provide refunds.

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Working in my underwear

I am not exactly in my underwear…but i could be! Using Team Viewer with a local rack PC i am able to view/control/troubleshoot video sources. Today, from Chicago…i was able to help configure an Apple TV in Florida with an AXIS video encoder and a crestron X-Panel.

Time and Money saved! 30 minutes on my laptop instead of a truck roll plus on site labor.

Super convenient for the customer because they don’t have to be home or have someone there to meet you.

Veto Pro Pac – New Tech Series!

I have been a big Veto Pro Pac fan for years. They have expanded their line to include Technician specific products. Same old indestructible Veto Pro Pac bones with a brand new design. The is the first time i wish the zipper on my XL would fail or maybe a hole worn in it somewhere just so i could justify getting a new Tech XL 🙂 Maybe i can gift my 7 year old Veto Pro Pac XL to a noob installer and get myself a new one!

This video shows the new Tech XL at apx 3 minutes in.

They also have a brand new tech back pack. Its a beast. Check out this 360 view video…

Go get your Veto Pro Pac Today :

Smart Car – Flat Black

Saw this little guy hiding in the mall parking lot. It looked super slick. Very similar to the finish on my Mark 3 so i assume there is a matte clear on it.

Outfitting New Tool Bag

My brand new Veto Pro Pac XL showed up today. This tool bag will have an identical set of tools/testers that my XL has. The only difference is that my tools are about 5 years old so the new bag has upgrades! Even the XL has improvements. An important one (to me) is the little velcro circles that hold the strap up and out of the way. My XL doesn’t have those. This sounds like a minor issue but the strap dangling can drive you crazy after a while.

I also upgraded to a Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill. I carry a full size Milwaukee Hammer Drill and an M12 driver. I decided to combine them for this kit and get the “mini” Hammer Drill. It has the weight of a full size hammer drill but its dimensions are similar to the driver. This will make it much easier when traveling. 1 drill 1 charger.

Lots of other upgrades like a better toner/scissors/security bit set etc. Here are some pics of all the fun i had today.

Another Christmas Miracle Brought To You By Controllable Power Products

Middle Atlantic RackLink Series Protection

I just got an “URGENT” email. The subject was actually “URGENT” :). I got up to let my dog out at 9AM and read the email.

“None of the iPads are controlling the system. We would like to have music going today for Christmas”.

I assume the issue is the network or the crestron processor. I send the client a follow up email at 9:05 asking “check to see if you can access the internet with the study iMac (so i can verify the network and internet is working) and try one of the handheld remotes in any room (to verify if the crestron system is online).

By 9:10 i have my laptop fired up and i am already connected to the clients rack PC. I run an IP scan and find that the crestron processor is offline. I access the controllable power strip in the processors rack and cycle power.

By 9:30 the processor is back online, the system is working and the client is happy. I am in Chicago today sitting in my PJs handling a service call on the east coast. 30 minutes from the first “URGENT” email to the last “WE ARE BACK ONLINE THANKS SO MUCH” reply.

I would like to thank the following for making this magic happen:

Windows 7, Internet Explorer & The Internet!
Dell PC (mounted in rack)
TeamViewer (remote login software)
Middle Atlantic controllable RackLink power strip
My dog Nelle (for waking up right when she did! Good Job, Nelle!)