Tools i use for COAX

RG-6QS, RG-59 & RGB-23 Coaxial Cable

I use Liberty’s ConnecTec Termination System for coaxial cables. The connectors are 1 piece and all sizes can be crimped with the CM Tool.

The Liberty Connectors go on fast and have a low-to-no failure rate when installed correctly. The CM Tool is very well made and shows no sign of wear after using it for 3+ years.

Liberty CM Tool

Liberty F Connector

Liberty BNC Connector

Liberty RCA Connector


Cable Stripping

I use the Paladin Tools LC CST CATV “F” stripper for RGB-23 guage mini coax and the Thomas Betts snap-n-seal it1000 for RG-6QS & RG-59.

I learned about Paladin Tools LC CST after posting a youtube video about terminating RGB-23. In the video I used a ProConnect tool that did not work very well but I learned to live with it. Someone saw my video and sent me a link with information about the LC CST and I was able to pick one up at Frys while at a project in LA during the winter of 2007. The LC CST has set screws that allow you to adjust the cutting blades so that you can use the tool for different size cables. It took so long to get the blades set that I decided I would only use it for RGB-23 and never change the settings. The LC CST works very well and is holding up nicely so far.

The it1000 is the best RG-6 & RG-59 stripper I have ever used. In 10 years of use I have changed the blade twice and it works as well now as it did when it was new.

Paladin Tools LC CST CATV “F”

Thomas Betts snap-n-seal it1000

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  • Vzylexy

    August 11, 2009

    Yeah, those Paladin LC CST strippers can be a pain in the ass. Forget about trying to change the blades, haha.


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