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September 2009

HDMI over Transparent Cres Fiber

When will it end? Crestron continues to blow my mind every single day. This is the first time i regret missing CEDIA. From the looks of it you can retro HDMI and control to any room that you can get a piece of finishing line to. This will be great for upgrading old systems that have display locations that are not wired for HDMI.

“HDMI Over Transparent CresFiberโ„ข Provides Ideal Retrofit Solution” It’s being compared to fishing line.
HDMI over Crestron Transparent CresFiber

The HD-TX1-F and HD-RX1-F (send and receive units) also send RS-232 and IR simultaneously.
HDMI over Crestron Transparent CresFiber

Acoustiblok – Soundproofing

I did an installation in LA where the contractor on the project used Acoustiblok to isolate a home theater that was built on the 2nd floor. I had never heard of it and it looked like rubber roofing material to me. I could not believe how well the product worked. With the system off you experienced complete silence in the room because the rest of the home was kept out. You couldn’t tell when the system was on if you were not in the theater. During a recent follow up visit for upgrades the client told me how they spend a good deal of time in the theater with the system off because its so relaxing and quiet.

This video says it all.

job specific gloves :)

Decided to use this funny glove pic I took to test out blogging from iblogger. The gloves say “Landscaper” “Remodeling” and “High Performance” :).


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HD Cable Troubleshooting

Last weekend i helped my cousin install a plasma in his father-in-law’s family room. We put it over the fireplace and i temporarily ran the cable line from the wall plate around the edge of the room tot he new HDDVR cable box.

The cable line was connected directly to a an old TV and worked just fine. After connecting everything and firing up the system i flipped around a few cable channels and packed up my stuff and headed home. That night i get a call about some of the channels not working.

Most of my clients are DirecTV subscribers so i rarely have to deal with cable so i had no idea what was up. The first thing i check is the connectors on the temporary cable i made, then i check the wall-plate connections and then i head to the basement to see whats going on down there. I discover an RG59 with a RG6 compression connector that’s not terminated, its just pushed on and the cable looks like someone stripped it with a pair of scissors :). The connector fell off as i grabbed the cable to look at it.

So i fixed the problem by pulling a new RG6 from the splitter to the new cable box location. The crazy part is that it was like this for more than 5 years and worked just fine with the existing TV!

How to keep the misses in the dark about the true cost of CE toys

I wrote this as a response to someone a while back. He was looking to buy a budget remote and i decided to share my tips for building a toy fund.

You start holding money back from wherever you can get it.

1.At the resturaunt.. when she gets up.. you grab the tip money that was meant for the server.

2.You offer to do the laundry and anything you find in her jeans belongs to you. Don’t tell her you found it! If she asks.. say “hmm.. maybe it got washed..” and if she lets it go.. its yours.. if she doesn’t let it go.. produce it later saying “i found it in the dryer”.

3.Offering plate at church. If you don’t go to church.. start going. Learn to remove money from the plate and make it look like your depositing money.

4.Street performing. Use your lunch breaks to fatten your wallet instead of your waste.

Ok.. so now you have the $ and she doesn’t know you have it. (Careful now.. if she learns of your creative accounting a pair of shoes or a trip to the salon may come to pass.) By now you should know exactly which remote you want. You must go to a store. Online means shipping.. shipping means she could possibly learn of its arrival.


Now that your back in your car with the giant yellow and blue electronic store sign in your rear view mirror… get rid of all packaging. Store the receipt in your desk at work. Use an emery board to rough it up.


Now that its roughed up.. wait until you have time at home alone to program it. Get it all programmed and ready to go and place it on the table next to the other remotes.


Put the other remotes away yet. Leave them all out on the table. Every time you 2 sit down to watch TV you have to spend 5 minutes pretending to read thru manuals and playing with the buttons. While your doing this you have to continue to say things like “i am going to get this figured out if it kills me” or “ill be damned if i am spending money on something i can do myself”.

This will help put her mind at ease. She will begin to forget about her death threat and your spending more than $100 bucks on a remote. She will think she has won. This is good. That is when you sit down one night and jump out of your chair and say “I DID IT!!! i got everything on this dingy old remote, i am sure glad i didn’t throw it out years ago”.

Now you can put your other remotes away and enjoy life again. I know it seems crazy or a bit involved but trust me…


If you spend $100 on a remote she gets to spend $500 on whatever she wants. That is how it works. I didn’t make the rules. All i know is that for every dollar i ‘invest’ on my stuff she ‘wastes’ 5 on her stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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