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April 2011

1969 Mark III Project – Work begins today!

I dropped the car off today so that work could begin. I am pretty excited about getting it back even though i just dropped it off :).

Over the weekend i spent a couple of hours peeling out the old trunk liner. Something green was spilled in there and caused most of the liner to rot and it smelled horrible. There were a couple of layers before hitting bare metal but when i did… No Rust! I also taped off and painted the inside of the popup lights. It looked pretty rough inside there. A dirty off white. I sanded/cleaned/primed/painted it a flat black. Looks 100X better. I was tempted to keep going and paint the whole car but i checked myself and decided to let a pro handle it :).

Latest pic (looks pretty much like the first one)

1969 Lincoln Mark III

1969 Mark III Project – Met with Heart Pounding Performance Today

I found a great local shop to work with. I took the car in today and Thomas over at Heart Pounding Performance looked it over and gave me a quote for getting the windows & door locks working and reinstalling the armrests. He also put it on the lift and found that the motor mounts need to be replaced and the car is leaking oil & coolant. Monday work begins on the interior. They will get back to me with a price for the other stuff.

The car has undercoating so the frame is solid, no holes anywhere and barely any rust. I looked at paint chips today also. We talked about removing the vinyl top vs cleaning it up. I like it but i can feel rust bubbles under it. Makes more sense to take it off and paint the car once instead of dealing with it again in a year or 2 when the rust eats its way passed the vinyl. I want glossy black on the sides and a satin black on the top. That or maybe a ‘brilliant’ black on the top. That way the car is all black but it will have some character.

Best part about today was that i found out the AC works… and works really well. Worst part about today is that i found out that i can’t buy freon for it once it stops working and i will have to replace the entire system. Win some lose some :).

URC MX-980 MRF-260

I chose the URC MX-980 and MRF-260 for an install where i had 4 rooms with TV’s that needed to be controlled reliably 100% of the time. I avoided 2way control because it wasn’t neccesary. Each zone got an MRF-260 and an MX-980. Each room controls a TV and a cable box. 1 Room has an additional Blu-ray player to control. All TV’s were same model. All Cable boxes were same model. Wiring was not ideal…

No sluggish control. No cross talk. Every room worked perfectly. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this combination again.

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Zektor SoloCAT – Single Cat5 A/V Balun

HDMI and black boxes in general are stressful for me these days. Its rare to plug something in and find that it works as advertised without major product-taming. I decided to start listing products that do work the way they are supposed to.

Last week i used the Zektor SoloCat Component + stereo or digital audio balun for the first time. I normally work on whole house systems where matrix switches are handling video distribution. I had a unique (to me) situation where i had an RG6 and Cat5 at each TV location in a clients apartment. I needed to hide the cable boxes in the control room and somehow get IR/Video/Audio to the display with those cables. I decided right away to skip HDMI because this is a temporary (24 months) apartment and i didn’t run the UTP cable so i cant stand behind the quality of the product or installation. I decided to use the RG6 for IR and the Cat5 for A/V (component and stereo) to each TV.

I plugged the 3 pairs of SoloCAT’s in and to my surprise they all worked. No tweaking, no firmware, no setup…. just on and working.

This was a tightly scheduled install for a very high profile client and Zektor’s SoloCAT made it happen.

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1969 Mark III Project – Picked up the car

I found a 1969 Lincoln Mark III in South Beloit IL. I have family there so they went over and took a look at it for me and gave it the thumbs up so i went and got it Saturday night. Driving it home was fun with the exception of the small sparking issue :). The drivers size door panel is off so the wires were exposed and started sparking on the way home.

Car is solid and the interior is very good. Black leather, head liner is perfect. The only thing that needs immediate attention is the drivers armrest. Someone took it off and didn’t put it back on. They made a mess of it so i am calling in a professional on this one. The body has a few rust spots that are visible but nothing a paint job wont fix.

The plan is to get the interior fixed and make sure everything under the hood is in good shape. Then paint, then wheels then air bags. That will get me going for the summer and this winter if the bank account allows i will have the engine pulled & polished.

1969 Lincoln Mark III
1969 Lincoln Mark III Restoration Project