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May 2011

How To Install Heavy Gear When You Are Alone

A guy i worked with named Steve taught me this trick. I had to use it today to uninstall a pair of Monster power units… so i decided to write about it.

Ever find yourself at the wrong end of an amp… trying to struggle to get it in place so you can mount it? I have and it sucks. Not only does it suck… it isn’t good for your arms, shoulders back etc. The weight isn’t the issue, it’s the twisting and leveraging. To solve this all you need is a spare 2U rack shelf. Has to be at least 2U or it usually wont be deep enough. Just install it upside down @ the rack space under the heavy piece of equipment you want to install. Now you have a nice shelf to put the component on while you run your screws in. You will need to remove the feet from the component or make sure to drop the 2U low enough so that the feet can stay on.

It took me about 4 minutes to remove 2 of these units and that includes installing/uninstalling the 2U shelf and putting the ladder away.

Get rid of the IR bug! Embed your emitters!

Client got a new Blu-ray player today and i decided to snap pics while embedding an emitter inside of it. I have two very good reasons for embedding emitters.

#1. An embedded emitter can’t be knocked off by the clients or their maintenance staff. No more “its not working” phone calls that lead to you wasting half a day driving out to find that the emitter is knocked off or worse.. broken off.

#2. Using the Xantech 283DPRO i can install the emitter on every component before i put them in the rack. Then i have a nice detachable jack for the emitter. Later on when it’s time to service or replace the unit i can totally disconnect the component and easily pull it out of the rack without having to cut zip ties all the way back to the processor to save the emitter.

Another good reason is aesthetics. While it might not make a difference in terms of installation i think it sets us apart from the “other guy”.

Slide show below………….

Skype is infected with a virus! – easybitsgo.exe

Today i see a popup in my task bar asking about some app and skype and i accidentally click the program next to skype and easybitsgo.exe starts to launch. WTF! I have a VIRUS!

Or so i thought anyway. I immediately hit google and find this Skype Forum Thread where everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on. Someone in the thread gave me instructions to disable this from happening again.

What I did was on skype, go under tools-options-advanced and uncheck “automatically stop extras” also click on the “manage other connections to skype” link on the bottom and remove Easybitsgames. I removed the program and it hasn’t shown up since.

So whos bright idea was this? Lets take a product that people like and do some sneaky bullshit that will make them think they have a virus and once they figure out whats going on they will become angry and post about it on forums and their blog. Nice move morons. So now what? We have to play this disable game every few weeks like Facebook?

Time to look for alternatives for making calls over the internet i guess. I really don’t understand why they would do this unless MS is intentionally trying to spend all their money on worthless products.

I just tried to respond to the skype forum and it posted under someone elses screen name. WTF is going on over there?