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November 2011

Speakercraft Paul Frank Julius – iPhone Dock – Dance Machine

My girlfriend just got her iPhone4s and wanted a new music dock so that she can listen to music in the kitchen. I decided to get her the Julius Dance Machine because its from Speakercraft and because its Julius! Either reason is good enough but combined they made it a no brainer :).

It arrived just in time… her phone battery was almost dead and she was able to use it to charge up. She said it sounds great and the rechargeable battery lets her move it around the apartment wirelessly.

Speakercraft Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine iPod Dock
Speakercraft Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine iPod Dock

Veto Pro Pac – Brand New Laptop Bags!

VetoProPac XL XLT Laptop Series
VetoProPac XL XLT Laptop Series

Last year i posted about the Veto Pro Pac LT-XL laptop bag. Veto Pro Pac has just released 2 brand new models. The LT and the XLT. Watch the video below. They have thought of everything! The stretchy pockets are great.

The major difference between the bags are that the LT has file folder slots on one side of the bag and the XLT has tool slots. The XLT would be perfect for a service tech or lead technician who does a little programming and needs a few hand tools for troubleshooting. The LT is a better fit for someone who specifically handles programming. I will get the LT so that i can replace my roller computer case and continue using my XL for tools. Another minor? feature i really love is that the outside of the LT and XLT are black. My XL is brown, which is fine but the black matches our company uniform (black pants and black shirt).

View the spec PDF by clicking here.

I could go on and on about these bad boys but i will leave it to the Pro… the Veto Pro 🙂 Watch the video below!