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C.A.T.S. Logo Download

Download the completed logos below. The zipfile contains flat (non layered) logos. 1 version is 4 colors with no effects for screen printing (for audioslayve :). 1 version has all of the effects. I also have a flipped version of each of the flat files for those who want to experiment with printing a tshirt at home. Finally.. the layered project files are also included. These files can be opened and edited with Fireworks. I used CS4 to create them and i dont know if they are backwards compatible or not.

I am updating the cafepress store with the current version for anyone not interested in doing it themselves. The CATS cafepress store is located here : .

CI’s Against Trunk Slamming

The mission of CATS is to stop trunk slamming, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underqualified wiremunky’n.

Custom Installers Against Trunk Slamming
Custom Installers Against Trunk Slamming

(Sorry about stealing your logo Lion-O.)