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Apple TV Talks Back (To Crestron)

In a recent CEPro article titled Autonomic Bows Two-way IP Control and Feedback for Apple TV written by Julie Jacobson, Autonomic Controls describes their new 2way Apple TV module for Crestron. Please see the CEPro article for more information.

I think this is great news. Apple TV is a great product and the 2 way module will make it a perfect option to close the gap between a client’s portable media player and their home media server.

I have not had my hands on Crestron’s new iServer but on paper it looks like the Apple TV might be a better fit for some clients.

Some integrators are anti Apple because they don’t have a program for Custom dealers. Personally i think that the iPod has caused a surge in Distributed Audio. I think the 2way module from Autonomic will do the same for Video.

Crestron CEN-IDOC Update

Crestron has updated the CEN-IDOC so that it now charges iPhones, iPod touch and nanos. If you purchased the CEN-IDOC before the update you can simply buy the new docking station and cable. Thanks Crestron!

This is from the newsletter :

“New orders of the CEN-IDOC include the new docking station. CEN-IDOC-DS is also available separately, to update CEN-IDOCs that were shipped prior to May 12, 2009. The model number and price of the CEN-IDOC and CEN-IDOC-DS haven’t changed.”

Crestron MLX-2 Remote Control

Crestron MLX-2 Remote Control
Crestron MLX-2 Remote Control
Crestron’s MLX-2 is a handheld RF remote that uses Crestron’s infiNET EX™ 2-way RF communications. That means feeback people! Thank You Crestron!

I had mixed feelings about the MLX-2 when i caught a glimpse of a promo photo a few months back. The photo i saw had odd hard button labels that made the remote a joke. About a week later i saw another photo and the hard buttons were much better. The final version of the MLX-2 has a great set of hard buttons and i cant wait to use one in a system. Next time maybe we can get them to replace the LCD-button’s with a touchscreen :).

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