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RTI T2-C with a Crestron system

You need…

RTI’s ID Integration Designer Software.
Crestron RF Command Library for ID. Download Here
Crestron Software & the ability to use it 🙂
Crestron CNRFGWA 434MHZ model. Thanks for the confirmation tweeterguy.

Crestron Programming

You drag in a Crestron ST-1550C and program it like you were actually going to use it in the system.

RTI Integration Designer Programming

Create your RTI ID file.

Use the Crestron RF library to assign Join Commands to all the buttons.
When you “select a new remote” in ID make sure to select the correct “remote”.
Match the “Panel ID” to the RF ID you set for the ST-1550C in Crestron Programming.

Your Done!

This file is current as of December 2008

Samsung EX-Link Information

These are the models i installed. They all work with the information from the .gif file linked to in this post.



I was only able to get the commands to work while the TV was powered ON.

This means that once you send OFF to the TV you cant get it back on unless you use IR or your finger :).

If anyone has figured out how to “wake up” the sammys with serial commands please let me know.