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Apple v Android

I’m very sorry cousin but I’m afraid the city life is a bit to much for you.. i shall motor you back to the country….

iPhone4 vs Android
City Life Isn't For Everyone

New Orleans – Cereal Box paint job?

I have seen lucky charms, trix, frosted flakes and count chocula. I thought it was something to do with cereal until today i spotted the BIG SHOT candy bar wrapper. These cars are completely product themed inlcuding the nutrition information. Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on down here in the dirty south?

Big Shot Candy Bar Car
Big Shot Candy Bar Car

How to keep the misses in the dark about the true cost of CE toys

I wrote this as a response to someone a while back. He was looking to buy a budget remote and i decided to share my tips for building a toy fund.

You start holding money back from wherever you can get it.

1.At the resturaunt.. when she gets up.. you grab the tip money that was meant for the server.

2.You offer to do the laundry and anything you find in her jeans belongs to you. Don’t tell her you found it! If she asks.. say “hmm.. maybe it got washed..” and if she lets it go.. its yours.. if she doesn’t let it go.. produce it later saying “i found it in the dryer”.

3.Offering plate at church. If you don’t go to church.. start going. Learn to remove money from the plate and make it look like your depositing money.

4.Street performing. Use your lunch breaks to fatten your wallet instead of your waste.

Ok.. so now you have the $ and she doesn’t know you have it. (Careful now.. if she learns of your creative accounting a pair of shoes or a trip to the salon may come to pass.) By now you should know exactly which remote you want. You must go to a store. Online means shipping.. shipping means she could possibly learn of its arrival.


Now that your back in your car with the giant yellow and blue electronic store sign in your rear view mirror… get rid of all packaging. Store the receipt in your desk at work. Use an emery board to rough it up.


Now that its roughed up.. wait until you have time at home alone to program it. Get it all programmed and ready to go and place it on the table next to the other remotes.


Put the other remotes away yet. Leave them all out on the table. Every time you 2 sit down to watch TV you have to spend 5 minutes pretending to read thru manuals and playing with the buttons. While your doing this you have to continue to say things like “i am going to get this figured out if it kills me” or “ill be damned if i am spending money on something i can do myself”.

This will help put her mind at ease. She will begin to forget about her death threat and your spending more than $100 bucks on a remote. She will think she has won. This is good. That is when you sit down one night and jump out of your chair and say “I DID IT!!! i got everything on this dingy old remote, i am sure glad i didn’t throw it out years ago”.

Now you can put your other remotes away and enjoy life again. I know it seems crazy or a bit involved but trust me…


If you spend $100 on a remote she gets to spend $500 on whatever she wants. That is how it works. I didn’t make the rules. All i know is that for every dollar i ‘invest’ on my stuff she ‘wastes’ 5 on her stuff 🙂

CEDIA 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award

I am not sure who submitted my name as a write in candidate for the CEDIA 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award but i want to say thanks! I can tell that the person who submitted my name is very intelligent and attractive to women.  I accept the nomination and i am actively competing for the award. This blog post is meant to make it official and allow the undecided a behind the scenes peak at me, the most worthy candidate. Feel free to contact me for positive statements about me. Vote with your conscience and remember, you dont want to waste your vote on a loser so just vote STAMP!

Case Of The Missing Speaker

MIA Speaker
The cut out WAS round at one point

I used “EL RotoZip” to cutout for this puppy a couple of weeks ago. The ceiling was plaster on wood lathe. I installed a Sonance In-ceiling speaker. Today i show up and the speaker is gone, the opening is now drywall and NOT round. What the heck happened? Does this house have some speaker stealing vortex that zaps Sonance In-Ceiling speakers into another dimension? My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour trying to grasp what was going on.

Ok.. not really.. I knew some slack jaw pulled it to do something so i started looking around in cabinets and closets and eventually found it :). Fun story though huh?

Vendor Client Relationship

Props to AVZONE & briremo over at for making me aware of this video. I have been using restaurants in analogies for years when talking about CI work.

On the flip side… next time a CI tells a client that they wont have the project completed on time… imagine a youtube video about a waiter coming out an hour after you ordered and saying “sorry, it will be a little while longer”. And the next time you don’t deliver as promised imagine the follow up video of a waiter serving you a burger even though you ordered steak.

I guess it all boils down to beer budget & champagne taste or plain ol’ tryin to git sumthin for nuthin :).