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Skype is infected with a virus! – easybitsgo.exe

Today i see a popup in my task bar asking about some app and skype and i accidentally click the program next to skype and easybitsgo.exe starts to launch. WTF! I have a VIRUS!

Or so i thought anyway. I immediately hit google and find this Skype Forum Thread where everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on. Someone in the thread gave me instructions to disable this from happening again.

What I did was on skype, go under tools-options-advanced and uncheck “automatically stop extras” also click on the “manage other connections to skype” link on the bottom and remove Easybitsgames. I removed the program and it hasn’t shown up since.

So whos bright idea was this? Lets take a product that people like and do some sneaky bullshit that will make them think they have a virus and once they figure out whats going on they will become angry and post about it on forums and their blog. Nice move morons. So now what? We have to play this disable game every few weeks like Facebook?

Time to look for alternatives for making calls over the internet i guess. I really don’t understand why they would do this unless MS is intentionally trying to spend all their money on worthless products.

I just tried to respond to the skype forum and it posted under someone elses screen name. WTF is going on over there?

Your low voltage stuff isn’t working

I got a call last week from an electrician telling me….

“I installed the outlets where you marked them on the wall but now your low voltage stuff isn’t working. It keeps tripping the breaker. I unplugged it. Just wanted to let you know”.

I explain to the electrician that there isn’t any low voltage stuff installed yet except the cable companies house amp. Electrician confirms “yep that’s the thing that keeps tripping the breaker”. I then explain that the house amp has to work or they lose internet and TV in the den. The electrician tells me that he will check it again and call me back. This was Friday. Fast forward to Monday morning. I have to meet with the electrician at 8AM to go over the work they did and find out whats up with the house amp. Oh.. an added bonus was that the electrician didn’t leave a note or tell the client so i also got an email at 7AM from the client about the issue.

Your Low Voltage Stuff Isn't Working
Your Low Voltage Stuff Isn't Working

I got there early so i checked TV in the Den.. not working. I go over to find the house amp in the closet disconnected. I look at the newly installed outlet and i seen burn marks and the house amp power supply is smoked. I tested the outlet and it was testing ok. As a temporary fix i bypassed the house amp by barreling the input and output. I immediately hear TV in the Den and internet is working fine. I don’t really know what happened. My uneducated (because i wasn’t there) is that the electrician got confused by the RG6 cable being used with the house amp and wall wart and some how wired it up wrong. I really hate that they use an RG6 for power for a lot of CCTV and Satellite devices. I know its convenient for technicians but its confusing to anyone else. The electrician was adding an outlet in the closet near the low voltage panel because some genius didn’t think about having power where all of the 2+2 low voltage cable from the apartment ran back to. All he had to do was unplug the walwart from the hall outlet where it was plugged in temporarily and plug it into the new outlet in the closet. I’m guessing he disconnected some of the RG6 cables and wired it back up wrong. Everything is working now.

The “low voltage stuff” was working when the electrician got there. It was not after he was working in that area. His new outlet or his re installation of a power cord killed the house amp. But for some reason he thought it was okay to call me up and let me know that i (now) have a problem. It didn’t register as his problem for some reason. The reason it was not my problem (and why i quickly let him know that over the phone and this morning) is because i was there when the cable guy came out (4 times) and made sure that his installation was done and working properly. I had the den TV installed and working properly and i had the clients wi-fi network setup and working properly before i left. And more importantly.. these things were done, tested before the electrician began his work. I was able to “point the finger” because a schedule exists and someone is making sure its being followed. If the cable guy, the electrician and I all showed up at the same time trying to work around each other it would have been much more difficult to pinpoint what the problem was and when it occurred. Having someone to blame is not the primary issue. My fear with the house amp was that somehow the electrician energized the low voltage box causing the circuit to break over and over. I was worried that i would be blowing things up all around the house if they left there assuming the issue was solely with my “low voltage stuff”. I wondered if the electrician brought 220 over to my 110 outlet. This happened before with an automated gate and they had power and ground reversed. I smoked 2 Crestron C2N-IIF’s screwing around with that gate when i finally urged the client to get a new gate guy to come and look at it.

Whether its 1 guy installing a TV for an hour or a team working on a large project for a month… everything has to be based on a schedule. Without it… chaos. When you have your act totally together you will find that all of those problems you dealt with in the past really belong to someone else. The cabinet guy for not following your drawings or the sheetrock guy for covering up your speakers or the landscapers for cutting your speaker wire. Those problems were yours because you were not following a schedule that allowed you to properly coordinate with others.

Super Greg Was A Lie!

I started surfing the internet on a regular basis back in 1998. SuperGreg was one of the first hilarious characters i ran into. This link will take you to a fan site where the original Super Greg site exists.

Today i found out that Super Greg was a fake!

I am watching Beat Boxing Videos on YouTube when i notice a thumbnail of Super Greg. I decide to click it for old times sake. I notice a response that says “for those who dont know, Super Greg is really Sascha Cohen” (ALI G, BORAT). My mind immediately begins racing in a panic. I google it and find this…

WTF? How could i have missed this all these years? I felt like a kid who just learned that Santa or the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. The internet officially sucks now :(.

What happened to tech support?

For the sake of keeping my job i will leave out manufacturer & product names.

I am out at a project where 2 products (that we are dealers for) are installed. One of the products was installed by someone else, i found a problem that wasn’t my responsibility but since our systems are integrated i decided to resolve it while on site. I call up tech support and explain my situation very clearly, i get transferred to someone who can help. As my boss begins to explain the situation to the tech he is cut off mid sentence with “thats a physical issue i cant help you with that”. Then my boss says “let me finish my sentence and you will see that it is not a physical issue”.

After the tech shuts up and listens his first troubleshooting tip is to climb into the attic with a multimeter to check for power, even after we explain that the product is functioning normally. (I would love to get a hold of the guy who decided to mount the interface product in the attic.. but that’s another story :). Anyhow.. at this point my boss hangs up on the guy because he realizes we have ourselves another card reading moron. The problem was that the product could not be controlled via the keypad but it functioned manually so we knew that the hardware was OK. It was obviously a setting or communications issue. As i said before we are dealers for the product but i don’t have much experience dealing with the specific product. There was a flashing red light. I assumed we could tell the tech about the flashing red light and get a simple answer but no.. he first wanted me to crawl into the attic with a multimeter.My boss calls up the company that installed the product. 2 minutes later the problem is resolved. No insulation, no drywall dust, no spiders or their webs. I was able to resolve the issue with a paper clip and a step ladder.

While at the same job i had a user interface lock up during a firmware upgrade attempt. Tech growls at me for trying to update firmware wirelessly. Tells me how i should “NEVER EVER DO THAT”. Ok.. so if i should never ever do it.. why is it possible to do it that way? How come i was able to load the other 3 that way? Oh and the other 3 or 4 hundred i have installed over the last 2 years? I sure wish they would include a cheat sheet of REAL instructions with each product so i know what i should NEVER EVER do. After tech growls at me he asks me how i want the item shipped back and stars giving me an RMA number.

I had stopped trying to force the firmware for fear of screwing up the interface but now that it has to go in for service anyway i figured more trying couldn’t hurt. About 10 minutes later i have the panel working again. I still wasn’t able to get the firmware to load but at least its working and i have time to get a loaner for the client. So now the conversation is “it needs to go in for service but its working for now” instead of “remember the upgrade i told you about? the one that would solve the minor issues you are having? looks like it made things worse and now you have to spend a week without it”.

So.. what the hell has happened to tech support? It’s hit or miss with them these days. You either get a guy who knows what hes doing or a complete total moron. I understand that idiots can sometimes slip thru the cracks and end up in jobs that cant do but i would say i get an idiot on the phone 50% of the time now. There new troubleshooting tool is called “RMA number”. I guess its perfectly reasonable for my client to not be able to use the system in his master bedroom for a week or more… or maybe its perfectly reasonable that we eat the cost of loaner hardware for everyone. At some point people are going to start including company names and specific details in their blog rants.