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Laptop Bag – Another chapter of my ongoing obsession with tool organization

I found my first (of 3) Kenneth Cole Roller Laptop Bag at marshalls about 5 years ago. It was $99. It got damaged and i bought another one for $50 at tjmaxx but it was slightly smaller. When i finally found a larger one again at marshalls it was $50 and i gave the other one to my sister. It fits in the overhead bin on an airplane. The wheels make it super easy to manage when you have to walk far with it from a parking spot or thru an airport. It matches my luggage :).

Its big enough to organize and carry up to a 15″ laptop, programming cables & IR learners and basic testing gear. 17″ laptops wont fit inside of the smaller carrying bag and they kind of bang around in the compartment without it. I usually have 3 bags with me now. My vetopropac XL for tools, my okeechobee parts bag and my laptop roller bag. These 3 guys get me thru 99% of all service calls and upgrades.

Here are some iPhone pics.

Husky 14 inch The Total Tool Bag With Tool Wall

Husky 14 inch The Total Tool Bag With Tool Wall
Model #79907N09

This is one of the most unique tool bags i have seen in a long time. It’s a steal @ $89.97. I spotted it in Home Depot. The flaps are filled with storage puches & pockets inside and out. They can be completely unzipped to give you complete access to the “tool wall” in the center of the bag.

The outside has a bunch of nice pockets including the ones on each side that can hold small parts boxes or other tools.

The handle is a dark chrome with a rubber grip in the center. The handle hinges nicely so that it can fold down flat while transporting the tools. There is also a shoulder strap included.

The bag has a “shape” to it. What i mean is that its rigid and not soft so the bag mantains its shape and dimensions. It has 4 large rubber feet on the bottom.

Husky Hang up Tool Bag

Tired of kneeling down to get your tools? Check out this Husky tool bag. It has rings built into the flap so that you can hang it up. I didn’t get a price or model number from it because it was sitting alone on a shelf at Home Depot.

Husky 22 in Cantilever Parts Organizer

I ran in to this industrial looking parts organizer today at homdepot. The body is hard plastic and the handle  looks  aluminum. Feels super durable. At first i saw the small trays inside and figured i wouldnt be able to use it but then i opened it up to find larger ones on the bottom. The top is very clear so you can see exactly whats inside. The trays are removable. The top looks solid and the clasps are metal eliminating the possibility of the thing flying open while your carrying it. See the lame blurry iphone pics below :).

Click Pic To See More
Click Pic To See More

Best Buy Installation Tool’s

First it was Home Depot carrying low voltage parts & tools, over the last few years it has really grown. Today i saw CCTV cameras there. And now.. we have Best Buy pushing installation tools.

Best Buy Tools

Tool Bags – CLC 1589

CLC 1589 43 Pocket – 18” Double Closed Compartments Tool Carrier.

I spotted this at home depot today for $49.99, forgive me for the blurry iPhone pics :). CLC is getting much closer to the Veto Pro Pac XL with this one.

One side is outfitted with pockets for tools and the other side is left open for your drill or test gear. The Veto Pro Pac XL has tool pockets on both sides. To be honest i like CLC’s design better. I don’t use the tool pockets on one side of my XL, eliminating the pockets would give me more room space. The larger Veto Pro Pac XXL has tool pockets on one side and the other area is empty just like the CLC 1589.

The outside of the bag has a nice selection of pockets & holders. I normally don’t use any outer pockets that are held closed with buttons or velcro because things tend to get crushed or fall out. The metal handle seems secure but its hollow and seems like it could bend. The rubber grip is a perfect fit and very comfortable. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag is nylon and has rubber feet attached to it. This makes it finish floor friendly but i would advise against using it outside when the ground is damp because water will soak into it.

Overall i think this is a great tool bag and for $49.99 you can’t go wrong. I wish i would have purchased this instead of the CLC 1539 to use as a drill bag.

Tool Bag Evolution

I spent today organizing my gear and i decided to put together an article about my tool bags & boxes. Its interesting to see how my wants & needs were shaped based on what was available. If you rewind back 10 years to the BucketBoss and compare it to the Veto Pro Pac i use today you will see that my needs have always been the same. I wanted something that would hold each tool upright so that i could access them quickly and keep them organized. Both products (and some of the others in between) were able to do it but only the Veto Pro Pac is able to do it right.

The slide show is below, each photo has a description included. I had most of them here at home, some in the garage and some in the basement. The surprising thing was the amount of tools i found in each one. I probably have enough tools here to outfit 2 more CI’s :).

Tools – Boxer Tools

Back in December i had a hard time using my cheapo torx bits to get DirecTV satellite receivers open for internal emitter installation. I posted about it at Remote Central and was told to “get some big boy tools” by tweeterguy :). I did some research online and stopped by Sears and Home Depot and gave up. While at Fry’s in Phoenix AZ i found a neat screw driver set with Boxer Tools on the packaging. I bought them and when i got back to the hotel that night i did some research and found the website. That is where i found this set of 100 bits.

Both sets are nice, the tools are solid and working well so far. The only complaint i have is the clear top on the plastic boxes they come in. While they haven’t cracked or chipped yet i know they will at some point and i will end up dumping the kits into bags where they wont be organized and i will be less likely to use them. I wish they came in a more durable box like the ones that drill bits come in. The pricing on these is insane. I would expect to pay $100.00+ for these tools. The screwdriver kit is very nice. It allowed me to eliminate half a dozen tiny screwdrivers from my tool bag.

Boxer Tools BX-100 – 100 Piece SAE and Metric Power Bits .

Cost : $17.00

Boxer Tools PK-30 30 Piece 4mm Precision Screwdriver Set.

Cost : $11.90