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Veto Pro Pac Laptop Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac LT-XL Portable Office Bag
Veto Pro Pac LT-XL Portable Office Bag

Veto Pro Pac has done it again. This has got to be the coolest laptop bag for a customer installer i have ever seen. The LT-XL portable office bag has 1 side for tools and 1 side for “business”. The Business side is where we can put our cables & IR learners. Theres also a seperate compartment for your laptop. WOW!

Tool Bags & Part Organizers

Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac has a bunch of great tool bags. I have the XL
and the XXL. The XL has all of the handtools I use and a few basic
testing instruments. The XXL has hand tools I rarely use and larger
tools (hammer, hacksaw, caulk gun, staple gun etc.).

The XL has a hard plastic bottom that keeps the bag sturdy and your
tools dry. Anyone who has ever put a canvas tool bag on the ground
outside knows what kind of damage moisture can do to your bag and tools.

When I work out of state I strap a luggage tag to the XL and put the
shoulder strap inside and its good to go. When i pick it up from baggage
claim its in perfect shape because of the bags durability.

The handle is solid and secure. The shoulder strap is well padded.
The design and durability of the Veto Pro Pac is perfect. It will
be the best and last tool bag you ever buy.


Okeechobee Fats Tackle Box Parts Organizer

Yes it is a tackle box :). I picked up the Okeechobee Fats Tackle Box
from walmart for around $40 dollars. I like the canvas bag carrier
better than the typical all plastic box because It’s easier on the
customers flooring :). It has a few pockets and a holder for sunglasses
in the front.

Tools i use for Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable

I use Liberty Speaker Cable and Liberty ZB03 Banana connectors. Liberty has a Spade Connector ZA02-II that works the same way. I strip cables the old school way, razor knife and wire strippers.

Wago locking connector are much better than butt connector because they do not require a tool to terminate them and they are reusable. If you have to remove an in-wall you just lift the locking arm to release the connection. You dont have to cut and strip the cable again like you would with a butt splice. Wire nuts work but come on people!

All Trade Razor Knife

Wire Strippers

Wago 222-413 Connectors

Liberty ZB03 Compression Bananas

Tools i use for COAX

RG-6QS, RG-59 & RGB-23 Coaxial Cable

I use Liberty’s ConnecTec Termination System for coaxial cables. The connectors are 1 piece and all sizes can be crimped with the CM Tool.

The Liberty Connectors go on fast and have a low-to-no failure rate when installed correctly. The CM Tool is very well made and shows no sign of wear after using it for 3+ years.

Liberty CM Tool

Liberty F Connector

Liberty BNC Connector

Liberty RCA Connector


Cable Stripping

I use the Paladin Tools LC CST CATV “F” stripper for RGB-23 guage mini coax and the Thomas Betts snap-n-seal it1000 for RG-6QS & RG-59.

I learned about Paladin Tools LC CST after posting a youtube video about terminating RGB-23. In the video I used a ProConnect tool that did not work very well but I learned to live with it. Someone saw my video and sent me a link with information about the LC CST and I was able to pick one up at Frys while at a project in LA during the winter of 2007. The LC CST has set screws that allow you to adjust the cutting blades so that you can use the tool for different size cables. It took so long to get the blades set that I decided I would only use it for RGB-23 and never change the settings. The LC CST works very well and is holding up nicely so far.

The it1000 is the best RG-6 & RG-59 stripper I have ever used. In 10 years of use I have changed the blade twice and it works as well now as it did when it was new.

Paladin Tools LC CST CATV “F”

Thomas Betts snap-n-seal it1000

Tools i use for Cat5

EZ RJ45 Tool

EZ-RJ45 Tool & Connectors from SullStar for all male Cat connectors. Paladin Tools is the distributor for the product. EZ-RJ45 is exactly what it says, easy! Anyone can quickly terminate Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 or RJ-11/12 cables with low-to-no mistakes. I think mine came from AVAD but it was so long ago I cant remember.


Belden Jacket Stripper

Easy to use and inexpensive.


Ideal Punch Down Tool

I picked this up at homedepot. I don’t use it very often now that were using Panduit Jacks but it works as well as any other punch down tool on the market.


3m Scotchlok Crimping Pliers

This tool is a must have if your using Scotchlok UR2 connectors. These connectors are great for splicing Cat cable. The UR2 connectors have a gel inside of them to help keep moisture from getting inside. This product can be found via google search.