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I finally had the free time to put a small Crestron system in at my house. I would have never gotten it done without the help of the world renowned Crestron Programmer, Tony Golden. So far i have control of my Family Room surround system, HVAC and distributed audio for the yard and a few rooms around the house via an old Adagio AAE. The system is programmed for a SnapAV Autonomics MMS-1E but i haven’t ordered one yet. For now an old iPhone with the Pandora App.

The rack is looking pretty sad right now. I had to Kustomize the NVR so it would have rack ears. I need the RSH shelf for the Crestron MC3. I need another RSH shelf for the ROKU and MMS-1E….and Finally i will need rack mount networking gear. I still have speakers to install so who knows if i will ever get around to that lol.

A few photos of the custom GUIJABOARD (also me) built GUI.