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I started working on a custom GUI for my house in early 2017. Almost 3 years later i still haven’t finished it. Partly because i haven’t really had time to install anything. I have a thermostat, distributed audio amp sitting on a shelf. I have my CCTV NVR installed but i only have one camera mounted.

I decided to just go with the Crestron CT-Neo theme for all of the buttons to make it easy. I don’t have the time to learn to build a custom theme so i am just focusing on custom icons and page navigation. Look at the xfinity page for an example. All of the buttons in the center of the page for controlling an Xfinity cable box are theme buttons. Everything else is custom. The design is super clean and easy to use. It works best on a 10″ Crestron touchpanel or an iPad of any size. I do have a mobile UI and even an MTX-3 UI in the works also. I was never a fan of the MTX-3 but i have one and its absolutely perfect for a cord cutter like me whos only video source is Roku.

The Adjust button takes you to a page where you can globally adjust bass treble loudness and also adjust the AVR and TV. One of my pet peeves is having to find OEM remotes to adjust surround modes or the color of a display. Having every command in the Adjust menu makes it easy.

The Share button opens the distributed audio page where you can choose a source and share it to selected rooms. My house is simple so i opted for a Home button in the footer navigation bar that takes you to a single page with all sources and systems. In a larger home i would break it up by putting buttons like these in place of a Home button… TV/Music | Lights | Climate | Security | Features (catch all for remaining items).

A few screenshots of what i have so far.