Crestron Prodigy Brochure Available

If prodigy had a plug and play CCTV camera and door bell-intercom solution i could spec it for a good portion of the projects i install. Another thing i would like to see is a wireless touchscreen. If Apple ever puts out a 7 or 9 inch touchpanel it would be a perfect add on for prodigy.

I am happy to see a wizard based system from Crestron. From the looks of it Crestron dealers will no longer have to look elsewhere for… well for anything. According to this CEPro article “A Prodigy system starts at about $825 for the controller, remote and wireless gateway (optional, but you’ll want it)”. This puts prodigy in line for entry level systems that we would have quoted other control systems for.

Welcome to a world where rock solid Crestron hardware is affordable and easy to install. Download the brochure from Crestron with the link below.

– Crestron Prodigy Brochure


  • Keith

    August 11, 2009

    I took a long hard look at this product line and generally I like the idea. I’m not a Crestron dealer, but (like most non-Crestron dealers) I’m really interested in seeing this in action, and hopefully getting my hands on it.

    I was speaking with one of the Life|ware guys last week and I brought up Prodigy. The LW rep had nothing bad to say of Prodigy, but was quick to point out the proprietary element to the Prodigy system.

    I assume that’s one of the reasons the Prodigy system comes at the price point it comes at. So if they are going to remain a stand-alone solution, I would agree that camera and intercom would be a nice touch.

    I wish I knew more about the Prodigy system so I could make a more interesting response, but my local Crestron contact is pretty busy with appointments lately and we have not been able to get together so he could show me a demo. I’m looking forward to it though!

    Oh, and yes, that rummored iTablet would be killer for this system!

    • wiremunky

      August 11, 2009

      The prodigy price point and ‘canned’ features are completely on purpose i think. Prodigy as it stands right now can go head to head with a typical RTI system at apx the same price. I don’t know what Control4 pricing is like but i would assume its very similar also.

      I think that Control4 may be slightly more sophisticated right now and they have some things in the works that will put them further away but as of right now prodigy is a contender. And not just a project by project basis. Control4 was in our minds when thinking about a lower cost alternative to Crestron. Other Crestron dealers took on Control4 and some even jumped ship and only do Control4 now. I think Prodigy will fill that void and keep existing dealers from heading towards the red team and it may allow new dealers to join the blue team earlier.

      There is talk about possibly being able to open prodigy up with simpl windows. And the lack of controllers is a non issue because econtrol can be used with any tablet or PC.

      I am not very familiar with lifeware. I know very little other than what i have read. One post at remotecentral seemed to disprove the idea that lifeware was less expensive than Crestron.

      I hope to see lifeware and savant in a real installation at some point. I would like to see if it just looks like crestron or if it can actually perform life Crestron.

  • Keith

    August 12, 2009

    I’m not up to date on Crestron pricing at all, but I was at the AVAD/Life|ware kick-off meeting, and when they broke out the pricing… an entire room full of installers laughed out loud.

    Aside from being expensive outright for hardware… the Microsoft mentality of Life|ware is to charge licenses for the software. It’s kind of like charging per macro for remote programming.

    Life|ware is slick, there’s no questioning that… but damn.


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