DirecTV Shenanigans UPDATE!

DirecTV finally made it out to the clients home. This time i put a sign on the door that said “DIRECTV.. COME ON IN DOOR IS UNLOCKED” so they would not be able to pretend they knocked. I got some payback by manipulating the DirecTV tech into mounting my FM antenna and saving me a trip on the roof. I told him “this is the antenna your supposed to install”. Tech says “what do you mean”. I say “DirecTV told the homeowner to provide the antenna and you would install it”. Tech said “OK”.

I took a snapshot of his work ticket. This is what it says: “Cust was there. saw driver as driver pulled away from house. CELL # 312-513-****. PLEASE CALL WHEN HEADED OUT TO INSTALL OR CUST WILL CANCEL.”. I thought it was pretty funny that they would put that on the ticket.

DirecTV Work Order
DirecTV Work Order


  • theKevin

    July 18, 2009

    39C: this is the antenna you are installing.

    DTV: this is the antenna i’m installing…

    39C: (hands over antenna) Jabba will reward you well!

    DTV: (begins installation with confused expression)

  • wiremunky

    July 22, 2009

    The guy made it seem like he wasn’t going to do it so i gave up. Then i catch him in the control room and he tells me “im looking for the cable for FM”. Had to be the force.. right?

  • Isaac

    July 25, 2009

    OMG DirecTV and Dish Network… don’t get me started. These guys are unbelievable. Met one the other day that had an interesting vest on. Asked him about it, it turns out it was a military “tactical vest” and apparently I was the dumb one for asking.


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