First coat of primer – Done!

Body work is done and the first coat of primer is on. Now that i have it all flat black i have found a couple of spots that need some sandpaper action. It was difficult to see when the car was the original cream color. After i fix the remaining spots and wet sand the whole car i am going to give it a second coat of flat black primer.

You may have noticed that some of the chrome and stainless are still on the car. This is because i don’t have the money to get it all polished/re-chromed so for now its going to stay put and im painting around it. I don’t want to start digging into it and end up with an unfinished car that i can’t drive. I would also like to get the top taken off because their are some rust bubbles under it. The top is in great shape so im holding off on that until next time also. In a couple of years i will have the car completely stripped and have all the metal refurbished but for now its fine.

Lincoln Mark III Paint
First Coat Of Primer

I am making a couple of changes to the car. #1. The C O N T I N E N T A L script across the round trunk deck has been removed. There was quite a bit of paint chipping and rust there so i scraped the letters off and repaired it. I plan to leave them off. I might put them back on when i repaint the car in a couple of years. #2. I removed the cursive continental script from the side of the car near the back bumper and filled in the holes. I am replacing them with much larger (1/3 bigger) continental script from a 63 lincoln. The larger script looks more masculine and i want the car to look like a hot rod not a luxury car. I have all of the old scripts cleaned and bagged for the next guy/gal that owns the car. If he/she wants to go back to stock he will have what he needs.

Continental Scripts

This is the new script installed. I drilled the holes out after priming the car.

Last time i posted i had a pic of a foose rim that i can’t afford :). I have found a less expensive look a like . The pic below shows the BOSS wheel on the left and the more expensive (more awesome) FOOSE wheel on the right. Update…i got super lucky and found the BOSS wheels at craigslist for $600. They have a little road rash but for $600 with good tires i cant complain.


Last expense/work will be the audio system. I want to use Focal or JL Audio gear because i use and trust their products. My trunk liner was rotted and has been removed. The trunk has been painted out and dynamat is going down after paint. I have been googling “custom audio trunk” pics to see what other people are doing with their cars. The trunk is huge and i want to keep it that way so i am looking for a stealthy design. I want to showcase the gear but i want it low profile… sort of like what i do for my clients. I am going to make it easy to remove so i can get at light bulbs and the spare tire etc. It would be nice to finish it with leather to match the interior but im find with fabric/carpet also. These are a few that i like. They all look pretty clean.


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