Get rid of the IR bug! Embed your emitters!

Client got a new Blu-ray player today and i decided to snap pics while embedding an emitter inside of it. I have two very good reasons for embedding emitters.

#1. An embedded emitter can’t be knocked off by the clients or their maintenance staff. No more “its not working” phone calls that lead to you wasting half a day driving out to find that the emitter is knocked off or worse.. broken off.

#2. Using the Xantech 283DPRO i can install the emitter on every component before i put them in the rack. Then i have a nice detachable jack for the emitter. Later on when it’s time to service or replace the unit i can totally disconnect the component and easily pull it out of the rack without having to cut zip ties all the way back to the processor to save the emitter.

Another good reason is aesthetics. While it might not make a difference in terms of installation i think it sets us apart from the “other guy”.

Slide show below………….


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