How To Install Heavy Gear When You Are Alone

A guy i worked with named Steve taught me this trick. I had to use it today to uninstall a pair of Monster power units… so i decided to write about it.

Ever find yourself at the wrong end of an amp… trying to struggle to get it in place so you can mount it? I have and it sucks. Not only does it suck… it isn’t good for your arms, shoulders back etc. The weight isn’t the issue, it’s the twisting and leveraging. To solve this all you need is a spare 2U rack shelf. Has to be at least 2U or it usually wont be deep enough. Just install it upside down @ the rack space under the heavy piece of equipment you want to install. Now you have a nice shelf to put the component on while you run your screws in. You will need to remove the feet from the component or make sure to drop the 2U low enough so that the feet can stay on.

It took me about 4 minutes to remove 2 of these units and that includes installing/uninstalling the 2U shelf and putting the ladder away.

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  • Mando

    June 8, 2011

    I dread these things for this very reason. Awesome tip, this is really gonna save my back =)


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