Husky 22 in Cantilever Parts Organizer

I ran in to this industrial looking parts organizer today at homdepot. The body is hard plastic and the handle  looks  aluminum. Feels super durable. At first i saw the small trays inside and figured i wouldnt be able to use it but then i opened it up to find larger ones on the bottom. The top is very clear so you can see exactly whats inside. The trays are removable. The top looks solid and the clasps are metal eliminating the possibility of the thing flying open while your carrying it. See the lame blurry iphone pics below :).

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  • flyingmachine

    July 13, 2009

    How many trips to HD now is this for you??

  • Frost

    December 26, 2010

    this box is pretty awesome, I’ve picked up a couple now. a big bonus is that even if the latches aren’t closed the handle secures both trays when upright so that you can’t pick up the case and have the bottom part open and spill everywhere.


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