Kaner – Pit Bull Extraordinaire

Kaner is a name my niece and nephew chose. I have no idea where the name came from and it’s too late to change it :). Kaners mother is my cousins dog. My sister picked up Kaner at Christmas (2010). He lived with her until she moved into a “no pets” building. Now he lives with me. He is a blue nose American Pitbull Terrior. He started out really gray and now hes sort of a gray brown. he has a small white patch on his chest. I haven’t had a pet since i was 12 because i am allergic to cats, dogs, horses you name it. I probably shouldn’t have taken him but its impossible not to fall in love. This first pic was just after new years. We walked out in the driveway and he sat down and stayed in place looking at me long enough for me to get my phone out and take a pic.

Blue Nose Pit Bull
Posing for the camera

Hes quite a bit bigger now.

He is a huge baby and craves attention 24/7. He recently learned that he likes to dig. Great fun for him and a muddy nightmare for me. Check out this video here : Kaner Digging & Eating The Mud.

Another thing he likes to do is Army crawl all around the yard on his belly. I don’t know if hes too lazy to get up and walk or if he just likes how it feels. He pulls himself with his front paws allover the place. I caught a few seconds of it here : Kaner Army Crawl

Kaner is my new best friend. I wish i could travel with him.


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