Laptop Bag – Another chapter of my ongoing obsession with tool organization

I found my first (of 3) Kenneth Cole Roller Laptop Bag at marshalls about 5 years ago. It was $99. It got damaged and i bought another one for $50 at tjmaxx but it was slightly smaller. When i finally found a larger one again at marshalls it was $50 and i gave the other one to my sister. It fits in the overhead bin on an airplane. The wheels make it super easy to manage when you have to walk far with it from a parking spot or thru an airport. It matches my luggage :).

Its big enough to organize and carry up to a 15″ laptop, programming cables & IR learners and basic testing gear. 17″ laptops wont fit inside of the smaller carrying bag and they kind of bang around in the compartment without it. I usually have 3 bags with me now. My vetopropac XL for tools, my okeechobee parts bag and my laptop roller bag. These 3 guys get me thru 99% of all service calls and upgrades.

Here are some iPhone pics.