New Arm Rest & Switches Installed

I finally got around to taking pics of the interior work i had done. The top pic shows what it looked like when i got the car. The bottom shows the finished product. All of the parts for the arm rest had to be sourced from various places. I ordered the lower metal piece from one place and when it showed up it was about a foot longer than it should be. Turns out that they made the arm rest longer in later years to accommodate a different speaker. I got it on ebay for $20 so it wasn’t too much of a hit.

Before & After Arm Rest

The entire interior is complete now except for the radio and the dash piece that it mounts to. Whoever had the car before me cut it out and installed an aftermarket radio. Right now this isn’t a huge priority for me but i want to get it for when/if i ever sell the car. The leather, the head liner and the carpet are in incredible shape. All black with no cracks or tears. It even has special stitching detail in the back seat that doesn’t show up on later models.

I had some misc work done under the hood. Suspension and brakes are in decent shape. I still have an oil leak but not bad enough to worry about yet. The mechanic said he couldn’t find it easily and recommended that i wait until im ready to clean it up. Eventually i want to pull it, totally refurbish & paint it and put it back in. I want to replace the brake system and suspension also so i will do it all at once. For right now i can focus on getting it painted and customizing the trunk. The trunk carpet was rotted so i scraped it all out. I cleaned it up, gave it a couple of coats of rustoleum rust reformer and then a couple of coats of black primer and finally 2 coats of flat black engine paint. Looks very nice now. Im going to dynamat the whole thing and start building trim pieces that i will carpet or wrap with vinyl. I want to keep as much trunk space as possible and make the panels so i can easily get at light bulbs, spare & jack etc. The trunk is huge. Im hoping to get a 13″ JLAudio sub in there and still have room for luggage, groceries, tools etc. Would be nice to drive when i go on service calls. Im also going to swap out the existing speakers for JLAudio speakers and i want to upgrade the audiovox head unit with something modern so i can dock my phone, bluetooth etc.

After paint and the trunk im going wheel shopping. Every forum i read has people complaining about aftermarket wheels. “Why don’t you put the stock wheels on it! You ruined that car” is the typical response. Well… This car is 42 years old! The stock wheels are black hubs with stainless caps. They don’t exist! IF and i mean IF you find a new set they will cost you a couple grand and the first time you hit a pothole a cap will go rolling down the highway and you wont know it until you get home. My budget for wheels is $2000 and that includes the rubber. I don’t care for the spokes or giant diamonds. I want something that looks like it belongs on a muscle car. Im hoping to find a less expensive look alike to these foose wheels.

I would also like to put in an air ride system but i will probably wait until i recondition the engine. Now that i have a plan i have to squeeze enough pennies to make it happen :).

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