DirecTV Shenanigans UPDATE!

DirecTV finally made it out to the clients home. This time i put a sign on the door that said “DIRECTV.. COME ON IN DOOR IS UNLOCKED” so they would not be able to pretend they knocked. I got some payback by manipulating the DirecTV tech into mounting my FM antenna and saving me a trip on the roof. I told him “this is the antenna your supposed to install”. Tech says “what do you mean”. I say “DirecTV told the homeowner to provide the antenna and you would install it”. Tech said “OK”.

I took a snapshot of his work ticket. This is what it says: “Cust was there. saw driver as driver pulled away from house. CELL # 312-513-****. PLEASE CALL WHEN HEADED OUT TO INSTALL OR CUST WILL CANCEL.”. I thought it was pretty funny that they would put that on the ticket.

DirecTV Work Order
DirecTV Work Order

Husky 22 in Cantilever Parts Organizer

I ran in to this industrial looking parts organizer today at homdepot. The body is hard plastic and the handle  looks  aluminum. Feels super durable. At first i saw the small trays inside and figured i wouldnt be able to use it but then i opened it up to find larger ones on the bottom. The top is very clear so you can see exactly whats inside. The trays are removable. The top looks solid and the clasps are metal eliminating the possibility of the thing flying open while your carrying it. See the lame blurry iphone pics below :).

Click Pic To See More
Click Pic To See More

DirecTV Shenanigans

I am working at a clients home and waiting for DirecTV to show up between 8 & 12. A carpenter is working outside between 8 & 10 and i was outside between 11 & 12. Another CI and I were inside between 10 & 11. No one else in the house so its quiet. The door bell is not installed.

DirecTV calls the client and leaves a message saying they couldnt get in, they knocked but no one answered. They claim they are coming back in the afternoon. I put a sign up that says DIRECTV WE ARE INSIDE KNOCK HARD. DirecTV calls client and says they knocked for 10 minutes and no one let them in. Client reschedules them for the next day.

The next day i drop off FlyingMachine @ the airport and head back to the clients home. I am working on the front porch when i see a white minivan with a magnet DirecTV sign on the door drive by @ about 1 mph. The guy driving is scoping the house out and stops at the end of the drive way and puts his van in reverse as if hes going to park. I start waving to him to get his attention and as soon as he sees me he puts the van in drive and peels out. He basically confirmed what we told the client. They didnt want to do the job that day so they pretend to stop by and claim they cant get it.

I have dealt with DirecTV for a decade or more so i know all the BS they try to pull but this is the first time i actually caught one of their installers speed away for fear he may have to do an install. I assume the installer is being paid by the hour and works for a DirecTV sub contractor that gets paid by DirecTV based on installation. In my area the DirecTV installers are all 1 man shows and they are like vulchers fighting over every installation. Theres no way they would pass up an easy install 2 days in a row. The dish location can be reached with a 6 foot ladder and the cables are already pulled. All the guy has to do is mount the dish and activate the receivers that are going in the rack.

Now they wont be back out until monday.. when the programmer shows up.. this time i will be ready. I am going to block off the intersection and get the cage ready..

Best Buy Installation Tool’s

First it was Home Depot carrying low voltage parts & tools, over the last few years it has really grown. Today i saw CCTV cameras there. And now.. we have Best Buy pushing installation tools.

Best Buy Tools

Best Buy Worried About Walmart

I read an article 3 or maybe 4 years ago now the predicted the fall of Circuit City. It was right around the time that Walmart began to push heavily towards CE product sales. Cameras, Computers & Flat Screen TV’s. I wish i would have saved the article, it explained how Walmart would chip away at Circuit City’s #2 role in the big box store arena. What the article did not mention is how online sales would play a role. Between online sales and Walmart there was no room left for Circuit City and they eventually folded.

Best Buy is next. Whenever companies name names in commercials its because they are getting worried and maybe even a little desperate. I wish i had time to experiment. I would love to find a TV at Walmart and try to get Best Buy to price match it. They probably don’t carry the same models making this video sillier than it already is. I guess Best Buy has to deal with tire kickers also :).

Tool Bags – CLC 1589

CLC 1589 43 Pocket – 18” Double Closed Compartments Tool Carrier.

I spotted this at home depot today for $49.99, forgive me for the blurry iPhone pics :). CLC is getting much closer to the Veto Pro Pac XL with this one.

One side is outfitted with pockets for tools and the other side is left open for your drill or test gear. The Veto Pro Pac XL has tool pockets on both sides. To be honest i like CLC’s design better. I don’t use the tool pockets on one side of my XL, eliminating the pockets would give me more room space. The larger Veto Pro Pac XXL has tool pockets on one side and the other area is empty just like the CLC 1589.

The outside of the bag has a nice selection of pockets & holders. I normally don’t use any outer pockets that are held closed with buttons or velcro because things tend to get crushed or fall out. The metal handle seems secure but its hollow and seems like it could bend. The rubber grip is a perfect fit and very comfortable. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag is nylon and has rubber feet attached to it. This makes it finish floor friendly but i would advise against using it outside when the ground is damp because water will soak into it.

Overall i think this is a great tool bag and for $49.99 you can’t go wrong. I wish i would have purchased this instead of the CLC 1539 to use as a drill bag.