Paint is done! Finally!

Paint is called Super Black and it has a matte finish clear coat on top. Car looks amazing. Big time head turner. Every time i take it for a ride someone asks me about it. No one can believe i got this car for $2800 and i only have $2200 invested ($5000 total) to get it where it is right now.

I found some great wheels. They are FESLER DESIGNS – FS903 wheels. I love them in black. The mercury they are on is sexy as hell. Next time i paint the Mark III im shaving the doors, losing most of the trim and going all black. I love that look. The only problem with the fesler wheels is that they are apx $1000 per wheel. This wiremunky cant swing that right now :). Hopefully i can find a set of knock off wheels for 1/4 of the price.


  • Dante

    July 3, 2013

    I love this paint.

    You said it’s called Super Black, can you tell me who makes it?

    Did you do a base coat of ‘Super Black’ and then spray matte clear over the top?


  • admin

    July 3, 2013

    Not sure what its called. I got it from an old school auto parts store. The guy brought out an unlabeled container and called it super black.

    Yes matte clear over base. Looks incredible but…almost impossible to take care of the finish. If you get even a swirl from washing it you see it easily against the black background but you can’t buff it out because you will just polish the clear and end up with a glossy spot.

    I keep it covered whenever its not being driven and i only wash it with a damp soft cloth. Ive just decided that ill have to paint it every couple of years or maybe wrap it with flat vinyl instead.


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