Skype Credit 180 Days Policy Use It Or Lose It

I just recently found out about the 180 day use it or lose it skype credit policy. This 2005 thread at the skype forum about this topic proves 2 things. #1 skype is still sticking by a rediculous policy 4 years later. #2 I am 4 years behind everyone else on the internet :).

The policy states that you must make a call every 180 days or you will lose your skype credit. $1.00? $100.00? How much skype credit did you buy assuming you could use it whenever you want? You had better use it or skype will take it form you. One person responded in the thread i linked to above with “why not automatically refund the skype credit if a call is not made in 180 days?”. Duh.. because then they cant rob you.

This is a rediculous policy. Its a guarantee that no one will buy skype credit in large increments. Users will be less likely to use the service if their choices are to A. Be trapped by a “make a call or lose all your credit” policy. or B. Be annoyed by having to constantly buy small amounts of credit.

This sort of policy is right up there with pop-up advertising. The numbers down at corporate might make it look like its working… but those clicks or calls in this case are made by frustrated and angry end users.

Skype 180 day policy sucks
Skype 180 day policy sucks

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