Stanley 516150M – FatMax Tool Bag

I spotted this $20 bag at walmart today. The reason i noticed it was because of the plastic water proof bottom. One of my pet peeves with CLC bags was the cloth bottoms. I would find myself working outside all day wiring up rock speakers or CCTV cameras and water would soak right into my bag usually destroying the carboard base making the bag flimsy. It was also cause surface rust to build up on my hand tools.

The bag is small but loaded with pockets. The plastic at the bottom isn’t as rugged as the VetoProPac bags but its a step in the right direction.

516150M – FatMax® Tool Bag

Height 5-1/2″,139.7mm
Length 18-1/8″,460.38mm
Width 10-1/2″,266.7mm

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