Update! The Skinny on Monster Cable

Update! Both cables are defective. Couldn’t get either one to work properly. Glad i didnt waste my time fishing them.

I needed a 15′ HDMI cable for a retro-fit project where i had to snake it across the face of a fireplace then a sharp 90 degree turn back then another sharp 90 into the cabinet. I am replacing component-stereo cables with the HDMI cable.

I wanted something as thin and flexible as the cheese HDMI cables that come with DirecTV & cable boxes. This is difficult because those cables are 6′ and the typical 10’+ HDMI cable is twice as thick.

I found Monster Cable “Flat Screen” HDMI cables. They are just a hair over 1/8″ thick. Much smaller than the cheapo HDMI cables and super flexible (think USB cable). The connector is very small also. Should be easy to fish (hopefully) 🙂 $65 at Amazon.

Monster Cable HDMI
Monster Cable HDMI

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