Tool Bag Evolution

I spent today organizing my gear and i decided to put together an article about my tool bags & boxes. Its interesting to see how my wants & needs were shaped based on what was available. If you rewind back 10 years to the BucketBoss and compare it to the Veto Pro Pac i use today you will see that my needs have always been the same. I wanted something that would hold each tool upright so that i could access them quickly and keep them organized. Both products (and some of the others in between) were able to do it but only the Veto Pro Pac is able to do it right.

The slide show is below, each photo has a description included. I had most of them here at home, some in the garage and some in the basement. The surprising thing was the amount of tools i found in each one. I probably have enough tools here to outfit 2 more CI’s :).


  • Wire Monk

    June 7, 2009

    If you would learn to be one with the wire, you would not need all of these tools and tool bags you tool.

  • wiremunky

    June 8, 2009

    You opinion is worthless, I have seen the way you build houses.
    Silly Wire Monk


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