Tool Bags – CLC 1589

CLC 1589 43 Pocket – 18” Double Closed Compartments Tool Carrier.

I spotted this at home depot today for $49.99, forgive me for the blurry iPhone pics :). CLC is getting much closer to the Veto Pro Pac XL with this one.

One side is outfitted with pockets for tools and the other side is left open for your drill or test gear. The Veto Pro Pac XL has tool pockets on both sides. To be honest i like CLC’s design better. I don’t use the tool pockets on one side of my XL, eliminating the pockets would give me more room space. The larger Veto Pro Pac XXL has tool pockets on one side and the other area is empty just like the CLC 1589.

The outside of the bag has a nice selection of pockets & holders. I normally don’t use any outer pockets that are held closed with buttons or velcro because things tend to get crushed or fall out. The metal handle seems secure but its hollow and seems like it could bend. The rubber grip is a perfect fit and very comfortable. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag is nylon and has rubber feet attached to it. This makes it finish floor friendly but i would advise against using it outside when the ground is damp because water will soak into it.

Overall i think this is a great tool bag and for $49.99 you can’t go wrong. I wish i would have purchased this instead of the CLC 1539 to use as a drill bag.

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  • Jules

    June 24, 2009

    OK, you are officially my favorite geek.


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