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Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac has a bunch of great tool bags. I have the XL
and the XXL. The XL has all of the handtools I use and a few basic
testing instruments. The XXL has hand tools I rarely use and larger
tools (hammer, hacksaw, caulk gun, staple gun etc.).

The XL has a hard plastic bottom that keeps the bag sturdy and your
tools dry. Anyone who has ever put a canvas tool bag on the ground
outside knows what kind of damage moisture can do to your bag and tools.

When I work out of state I strap a luggage tag to the XL and put the
shoulder strap inside and its good to go. When i pick it up from baggage
claim its in perfect shape because of the bags durability.

The handle is solid and secure. The shoulder strap is well padded.
The design and durability of the Veto Pro Pac is perfect. It will
be the best and last tool bag you ever buy.


Okeechobee Fats Tackle Box Parts Organizer

Yes it is a tackle box :). I picked up the Okeechobee Fats Tackle Box
from walmart for around $40 dollars. I like the canvas bag carrier
better than the typical all plastic box because It’s easier on the
customers flooring :). It has a few pockets and a holder for sunglasses
in the front.

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  • Ed

    May 8, 2009

    Nice big tools!


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