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Back in December i had a hard time using my cheapo torx bits to get DirecTV satellite receivers open for internal emitter installation. I posted about it at Remote Central and was told to “get some big boy tools” by tweeterguy :). I did some research online and stopped by Sears and Home Depot and gave up. While at Fry’s in Phoenix AZ i found a neat screw driver set with Boxer Tools on the packaging. I bought them and when i got back to the hotel that night i did some research and found the website. That is where i found this set of 100 bits.

Both sets are nice, the tools are solid and working well so far. The only complaint i have is the clear top on the plastic boxes they come in. While they haven’t cracked or chipped yet i know they will at some point and i will end up dumping the kits into bags where they wont be organized and i will be less likely to use them. I wish they came in a more durable box like the ones that drill bits come in. The pricing on these is insane. I would expect to pay $100.00+ for these tools. The screwdriver kit is very nice. It allowed me to eliminate half a dozen tiny screwdrivers from my tool bag.

Boxer Tools BX-100 – 100 Piece SAE and Metric Power Bits .

Cost : $17.00

Boxer Tools PK-30 30 Piece 4mm Precision Screwdriver Set.

Cost : $11.90

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