Tools i use for Cat5

EZ RJ45 Tool

EZ-RJ45 Tool & Connectors from SullStar for all male Cat connectors. Paladin Tools is the distributor for the product. EZ-RJ45 is exactly what it says, easy! Anyone can quickly terminate Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 or RJ-11/12 cables with low-to-no mistakes. I think mine came from AVAD but it was so long ago I cant remember.


Belden Jacket Stripper

Easy to use and inexpensive.


Ideal Punch Down Tool

I picked this up at homedepot. I don’t use it very often now that were using Panduit Jacks but it works as well as any other punch down tool on the market.


3m Scotchlok Crimping Pliers

This tool is a must have if your using Scotchlok UR2 connectors. These connectors are great for splicing Cat cable. The UR2 connectors have a gel inside of them to help keep moisture from getting inside. This product can be found via google search.