Zektor SoloCAT – Single Cat5 A/V Balun

HDMI and black boxes in general are stressful for me these days. Its rare to plug something in and find that it works as advertised without major product-taming. I decided to start listing products that do work the way they are supposed to.

Last week i used the Zektor SoloCat Component + stereo or digital audio balun for the first time. I normally work on whole house systems where matrix switches are handling video distribution. I had a unique (to me) situation where i had an RG6 and Cat5 at each TV location in a clients apartment. I needed to hide the cable boxes in the control room and somehow get IR/Video/Audio to the display with those cables. I decided right away to skip HDMI because this is a temporary (24 months) apartment and i didn’t run the UTP cable so i cant stand behind the quality of the product or installation. I decided to use the RG6 for IR and the Cat5 for A/V (component and stereo) to each TV.

I plugged the 3 pairs of SoloCAT’s in and to my surprise they all worked. No tweaking, no firmware, no setup…. just on and working.

This was a tightly scheduled install for a very high profile client and Zektor’s SoloCAT made it happen.

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